Designers * Production and Stage Management

–  Our professional personnel will take care of your production or event needs from the first meeting to the load out.

Manager assigned to your production will follow your concepts or ideas to ensure successful and memorable event.

* Lighting – Design, assemble, installation and lighting equipment rental, another word “ALL IN ONE” or "TURN KEY" solution for your event or production.

* Carpentry  We will handle all work involving scenery, including the deck (floor) of the stage.

* Rigging – We will assume responsible for all equipment hung (flown) in the theater space.

* Properties We will– take charge of all hand and scenic props for a show.

* Audio – We take charge of all sound aspects for a show including the configuration  of microphones, speakers and control equipment (sound boards).

* Pyrotechnics/Special Effects – In conjunction with our partners and associates we can create magic.